Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Unit

The Domestic Violence Unit is an investigative services unit within the Detective Division. It consists of a full-time detective. The unit is overseen by the Detective Sergeant and it handles investigations and follow-up services on all domestic-related cases that come to the attention of the department.

The unit focuses on the victims of domestic violence in order to offer services to help them recover from and escape their abusive situations. The unit members coordinate victim services by acting as the liaison between the police department, the court system, and the district attorney's office. They handle outreach and outside referrals to other state and private agencies, such as DCF, REACH, and the Disabled Persons Protective Commission.

The unit is responsible for ensuring the proper follow-up and follow-through for all victims of domestic violence, and the detective is entrusted with the additional task of investigating sexual assault-related crimes.


If you have questions related to this Unit or would like to speak with someone about Domestic Violence or related situations, you may contact the Unit at 781-270-1967.

Current Staff