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Annual Town Election - April 10, 2021

Consider becoming a Town Meeting Member!

Town meeting members have an opportunity to vote on a variety of issues in Town. Some examples of impact include:            

  • Budgeting and funding levels for Board of Health, Police, Schools, Recreation, Council on Aging, Department of Public Works, and general Town administration.
  • Bylaw Review and Zoning Issues
  • Human Services (Transportation, Economics)
  • Land Use and Open Space (Landlocked Forest)
  • Town Facilities         
  • Director of Diversity 

How does Burlington Town Meeting work?

Burlington is a representative Town Government, which means that town residents are elected to represent their precinct at Town Meeting. The Town consists of 7 precincts each having 18 representatives for a total of 126 voting members. These representatives deliberate, act and vote on the corporate power of the town as well as ensuring that the town is in compliance with the duties and obligations required by the law.

  • This Citizens Guide provides a basic overview of Town government structure.
  • Burlington specific information regarding Town Meeting can be found on the Town Clerk's website here.
  • Watch the most recent Town Meeting video here.
  • Watch Town Clerk, Amy Warfield describe how to run for office here

What is the time commitment for a TMM?

Burlington typically holds Town Meeting events three times a year: January, May, and September. May is the most time intensive since the town budget is reviewed at this meeting. Special meetings may be called, but it is very infrequent. Here is the TMM handbook which provides an in depth look into TMM responsibilities and procedures. 

Do I have to join a committee?

No, TMM are not required to join a committee. However, TMM are encouraged to ask to be appointed to any committees for which they have interest or expertise. A TMM may serve as any or all of the following:

  1. Member of any committee(s) appointed by the Moderator;
  2. Member of any advisory committee(s) appointed for a special temporary purpose by the Selectmen, School Committee, or any other Town Board;
  3. Officer of elections; and
  4. Member of a political party’s town committee

How do I become a TMM? 

What are the requirements to become a TMM?

You must be a registered voter in Burlington.  If you aren’t registered, sign up here!

What paperwork is necessary?

A candidate needs to obtain nomination papers from the Town Clerk’s Office and get 10 signatures of residents (who are registered voters) from their precinct (find your precinct here).

What are the deadlines to complete the paperwork?

The following table lists the key dates for to run for a TMM seat for the May 10, 2021 town meeting.

January 4                    Nomination Papers Available

February 17               Last day to pick up Nomination papers

February 19                Nomination papers Due (with 10 + signatures) 

Candidates are advised to get a few extra signatures to make sure they all get certified properly. 

What does campaigning entail? 

Historically, TMM candidates have not had to engage in a significant amount of campaigning because the races are not competitive. However, there is an uptick in political engagement at all levels and active campaigning is recommended. Since it is precinct based, you can make yard signs and post to social media. It is required that any money spent on campaigning is tracked. 

Due to the pandemic and the need for physical distancing, individuals should decide if or how they might engage in “door knocking” campaign efforts. 

Do I have to have been involved in Town government or have some government experience necessary?   No experience is required., just your interest in Local Government!

Are TMM paid?   No.

Can a TMM be elected to another Town position?  No.

Can a TMM be an employee of the Town?

Yes. However, TMM employed by the Town are encouraged to self-disclose any personal/familial benefit which might be gained/lost when the TMM rises to address the TM floor on such issues.