The purpose of the archives and records management program is to preserve and protect the town's history and to enable the town to fulfill its legal records management responsibilities. The archives organizes, preserves and provides easy access to records in a variety of media; administers information resources; transfers inactive and permanent records to the Archives; and disposes of obsolete records that do not have long-term value (Town of Burlington General Bylaw 7.1)

Requesting Records
To request records, please let us know what type of information you are looking for; please be as specific as possible. Your privacy is important to us. If you wish for your identity to remain anonymous, please let us know. The archives provides one hour of reference or search time at no charge; after that searches are billed at $20 per hour. The archives are also available for your use during the hours listed above. It is best to call first--that way you'll know the archivist is on-site and we can pull the records you're interested in. Remember, we can only provide access to records that are in the custody of the archives. For other records, please contact the department directly. 

  1. Daniel McCormack

    Archivists/Record Manager