Mall Road Rezoning Initiative

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Upcoming Meeting Dates:

  • March 8, 2023   Office Hours Schedule time at Town Hall with Ted Brovitz
  • April 5, 2023    Advisory Group 
  • April 27-29, 2023   Charette Workshop

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Advisory Group Meeting - February 1, 2023

Below is the link and password for the recording of the Advisory Group Meeting held on February 1, 2023:

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Message from Melisa Tintocalis, Economic Development Director on January 2023:

As you may have heard, we are launching a long-term land use & economic development initiative for the commercial district along Mall Road and Middlesex Turnpike. We hired Brovitz Planning & Community Design to work with us to outreach and craft new zoning for the district so that we may enable more village-oriented development. The Brovitz team will be working with the Town's Planning and Economic Development staff to conduct meetings and draft the zoning proposals. The objective is to bring a proposal to Town Meeting for their consideration in September, 2023. 

We have scheduled recurring monthly office hours with our lead consultant, Ted Brovitz, the first Wednesday of each month from 9am-4pm at Town Hall -- please email to connect with Ted at

Proposed Scope of Work for Mall Road Rezoning Initiative

2022: Burlington 128 District - Site Readiness Concept Plan Final

Background on Mall Road and Middlesex Turnpike Initiative:
MassDevelopment awarded a Site Readiness Grant to the Town of Burlington to consider the potential of the commercial areas on both sides of Route 128/Interstate 95, addressing market and economic factors, development opportunities, and the future character of the district.  The study area is generally bounded by Blanchard Road, Route 3, Route 3A, and the Burlington Mall Road.   The project team is Madden Planning Group, Landwise Advisors, Buenas Vibras, and Gamble Associates.  Outreach efforts are expected to begin in October 2021, including community forums to discuss and generate ideas.  The plan is expected to continue through March 2022.

Charting a course for the future involves strategic engagement, input, and support from many stakeholders across a spectrum ranging from real estate developers to town residents.  A district plan at this point in time will help the Town establish the zoning and regulatory framework to shape future development in a way that is tailored to market realities and civic goals.  

District plans also communicate Town aspirations to property owners, real estate developers, businesses, and entrepreneurs interested in investing in the Town and growing the workforce.  With a clear sense of private development potential, the Town can also advocate for and invest in public infrastructure, such as parks, streetscapes, transit, utilities, and environmental protection and restoration, among others. Town Administrator, Paul Sagarino, shared his support stating, “As our nation makes its way into a post-pandemic world, it’s essential that towns and cities start to restructure their infrastructure to match the needs of their residents and local businesses. In Burlington, we are taking those steps.”

As Economic Development Director Melisa Tintocalis explains, “the Mass Development grant will help us kick off a process that will explore redevelopment in commercial areas with ‘underperforming asphalt’ and plan for more walkable infill villages in the future that strategically mix elements with added density to make for a successful and resilient Burlington for the next generation.”

3rd Community Forum: March 2021

2nd Community Forum: January 11, 2022

Press Release: MassDevelopment & Mall Road Corridor

Scope of Work

Map of Study Area