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Rain Barrels are back!Rain Barrel

Rain Barrels are available for purchase by residents at the discounted price of $69.00.

To Order: go to Select Burlington 

Pick-Up: Saturday, May 8th, 8:00-11:00am, Town Hall parking lot, 29 Center St 

Deadline for Ordering: May 2nd, Midnight

Benefits of rain barrels

  • Decrease your water bill by up to 40%.
  • Have an alternate source of water during water bans.
  • Have a healthy, chlorine- and chemical-free water source for plants and gardens.   
  • Improve residential storm management.
  • Reduce pollution from runoff.
  • Lower municipal water demands & save energy at the treatment plants.

About The Great American Rain Barrel:

  • 100% re-purposed, food grade, UV protected and BPA free barrels. Produced in Massachusetts. 
  • Most durable rain barrels on the market: 3/16” wall thickness.
  • Will last for years when properly drained & stored for winter.  Pay for themselves in one year.
  • Screen filtered to keep mosquitoes out.
  • Several rain barrels can be linked together — easy 5-minute setup
  • Available Colors: Forest Green, Earth Brown, and Nantucket Grey. Also available unpainted.