Town to Test for PFAS Compounds

Water Bottle Rebate Program


  • MWRA Connection Phase 1 - Completed December 2020
    • Established a pipe connection on Adams St through Lexington that can take up to 1 million gallons per day (MGD). The Town's current daily demand is 3 MGD.
  • Filter Facility at Mill Pond - TBC by December 2022
    • Intended to reduce the levels of PFAS6 in Town water to under 20PPT
    • At this point, all Town water should meet the PFAS6 standard
  • MWRA Connection Phase 2 A - Project Awarded - TBC by May 2023
    • A pipe connection will be extended down Lowell St in Lexington
    • The MWRA will be completing the remaining extension from the Town of Lexington to the Town of Arlington
    • Total MGD with phases 1 and 2A combined will be 3.5 MGD
  • MWRA Capacity Evaluation of Phases 1 & 2A - TBC by December 2023
    • Connection Capacity to be evaluated to verify that we can safely abandon the Vine Brook Treatment Plant
  • Phase 2 B - TBC 2024
    • A pipe connection will be extended down Middlesex Turnpike in Burlington
  • MWRA Fully Supporting the Town's Capacity
    • MWRA will be establishing other pipe connections throughout the Town of Lexington to our new pipe on Lowell St.
    • Total MGD with entire project completed will be 6.5 MGD
  1. Russ Makiej

    Water Treatment Plant Manager
    Phone: 781-270-1648