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Celebrate Burlington Food Vendor Form

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  2. Sponsorship Intent Form

    Interested in becoming a sponsor?  Please complete and return this form which will go directly to the Parks and Recreation Department.

  3. Tables are not included with your application. If you need a table, there is a $10 fee. Will you need a table?*
  4. Right of Refusal

    The integrity and credibility of the Town of Burlington shall be the overriding consideration in all advertising and sponsorship activities.  Sponsorship advertising must be the factually accurate, must not be misleading and must be in good taste.  The Town possesses sole and final decision-making authority for determining the appropriateness of a sponsorship relationship and reserves the right to refuse any offer if sponsorship, such as products of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, weapons, gambling, pornography, or products that violate Town policy.

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