The Burlington Police Department welcomes any individuals with interest in a law enforcement career or a related field to apply for an internship position.

Interns at the Burlington Police Department generally receive credit from their respected college for their work within the department. The position is unpaid, and it is encouraged that interns receive college credit for their work. However, the department does not require this, and anyone that meets the minimum qualifications to apply is welcomed. Typical internships within the department generally equates to 120 work hours over the course of a college semester.

All interested applications are directed to complete the BPD Intern Application Packet.

Here is the link to the google folder of the Application Packet. A google account is required to access this folder.

            BPD Intern Application Packet

All pages must be printed out and completed fully, following all directions. Once completed they must be scanned and emailed to Lieutenant Glen Mills with a copy of your resume and cover letter. Email Lieutenant Glen Mills here. Be advised that a background check will be conducted to ensure the accountability and history of the applicant.