Points to Wellness

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All benefits-eligible employees will be able to earn points for healthy activities, and once you earn 150 points you can cash them in for a $100 gift card!  

Here's how to join:

The Points to Wellness program will be hosted by ahealthyme.   Any benefits-eligible employee can join (you do not need to be a Blue Cross member, or even on the Town's health insurance).  Blue Cross members can visit their MyBlue account to access ahealthyme.  All other employees can simply request a log-in.

This is a personal account that only you have access to view, and your activities will not be shared with the Town.  Feel free to browse around the many tools/articles/recipes available!  

Here's how to earn:

Many activities are tracked automatically. Some activities will require you to complete an attestation of completion.  These forms are linked on the program materials.  Once you collect 150 points, you have earned a $100 gift card reward of your choosing!

You have until December 31st to collect your points, and until January 31st of next year to redeem.  

Useful Links:

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