General License Application & Information

Non-Alcohol Licenses under Board of Selectmen jurisdiction must be renewed annually during the month of November.

With the application submit the listed fee, proof of general liability and Workmen's Comp. Fees are on the above link to the General License Application.

Use the application to update the following licenses:

  • *$50  Amusement Devices / Bowling Alleys (per lane)
  • $100 1st Class Auto
  • $75    2nd Class Auto
  • $25 Entertainment
  • $25  Inn holder
  • $50 Theater (per screen)
  • $25 Victualler
  • $25 Weigher
  • $50  TaxiLivery (per vehicle)
  • $NA Second Hand Dealer  (If required by landlord, submit both General License Application and the Second Hand Dealer Policy/Application (PDF)

Mail renewals or new applications and fees to:  Sandi Madigan, Selectmen's Office, Town Hall 29 Center Street, Burlington, MA  01803.  For questions, call Sandi at 781-270-1631.

*Town of Burlington General Bylaws

11.0 Fees - Automatic Devices Licenses The schedule of fees to be charged by the Board of Selectmen for Automatic Amusement Devices under the provisions of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 140 Section 177A may be revised by the Board of Selectmen in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 40 Section 22F, accepted at the May 21, 1997 Town Meeting. Such fee, however, shall not exceed the maximum amount set forth in Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 140 Section 177A.