K-9 Unit

The Burlington Police K-9 Unit is operated by K-9 Sergeant Joseph Papsedero and K-9 Remi. The K-9 Unit's main purpose is to assist in the general duties of patrol officers. Handlers and their K-9 partners go through vast specialized training) to both fulfill the duties of patrol officers and the specialized duties of the K-9 Unit.

K-9 Remi

K-9 Remi 

Officer Papsedero has currently handled three other K-9s before their retirement from the department. K-9 Alex, K-9 Havoc, and K-9 Argo served the town valiantly and their service is greatly appreciated.

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Retired K-9s Argo (left) and Havoc (right) enjoying their retirement

K-9 Alex served the town of Burlington with Officer Papsedero from August 2005 to his unfortunate passing on December 23, 2009.